Alex Gregory

Alex Gregory

"Not long after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1999, I began writing "keyword optimized" copy for an Internet marketing firm in Boulder, Colorado. Fascinated by the industry, I spent my days and nights learning the nuances of Internet marketing (search engine optimization, banner ads, email campaigns, etc.), and web design (HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc.). Copywriting quickly turned into project management where I was able to put my newfound skills to work."

"Fast-forward 10 years... from computer hardware (HP and APC) to mortgages to Whirlpool appliances, I've experienced success in a variety of industries yet never the satisfaction of my early career. Showing clients the vast potential of the Internet and using it to achieve their goals was extremely satisfying. For me, Color Powered is about satisfaction."

I'm responsible for: management of client domains, email, hosting, contracts and search engine marketing.

email: alex@colorpowered.com

Jack Moore

Jack Moore

"I am the designer and developer for Color Powered. While I'm strongest in development, I have also been recognized for my design and illustration work, some of which is featured here on this site."

I'm responsible for: design and illustration, JavaScript / Ajax, (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, SEO.

Jack Moore
Color Powered

website: jacklmoore.com

twitter: jacklmoore

116 Cimarron Parkway
Atlanta, Georgia, 30350 United States